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Hell Bitch
It Takes A Wolf
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Past Shows

Mon. October 15th 2007
The Commodore Ballroom Vancouver BC (No Minors)
Arch Enemy, Infernal Majesty, Sinned, Soulscar
Fri. August 11th 2006
The Columbia Vancouver BC (No Minors)
SOULSCAR CD RELEASE! Divinity, Soulscar, Mastic
Sat. August 6th 2005
The Brickyard Vancouver BC (No Minors)
Cyanotic, Soulscar, Insipid
Sat. April 16th 2005
The Brickyard Vancouver BC (No Minors)
Into Eternity, Crackwhore, Soulscar, Antiquus
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Metal from Vancouver BC
Label: Galy Records
Broken Up - Confirmed: Nov. 24, 2010 (Archived)

Contact Details

Andrew Staehling
Andrew Staehling : Guitars/Vocals
Brent Mackenzie : Bass/Vocals

Igor Cheifot : Drums
Stas Mikheev : Guitars

From humble beginnings in 1997 as a solo project of Andrew Staehling, Soulscar quickly developed their slicing hybrid of thrash, death and heavy metal to a savage level. Demo after demo, the critics returned universal praise. 2002 saw the band at a critical point. An injection of new blood in the form of Brent Mackenzie (bass) led to the recording of their debut album: Character Assassination, a superbly written riff-fest which garnered countless rave reviews in the metal community.

2003 brought major progress. The band signed to Galy Records for exclusive distribution of Character Assassination, and recruited metal machines Igor Cheifot (drums) and Stas Mikheev (guitars). Soulscar now had a full lineup and quickly took Vancouver by storm with their punishing live show. The band have now finished their second album, a phenomenal collection of ultra-memorable metal anthems. Victim Impact Statement is here, a fiery collection of some of the best metal songs of 2004.

Audio Samples

Hell Bitch
It Takes A Wolf
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Last Lineup

Andrew StaehlingGuitars / Vocals1997-2006
Brent MackenzieBass / Vocals2000-2006
Igor CheifotDrums2003-2006
Stas MikheevGuitars2003-2006


Status: Broken Up
Let's rock. - Last confirmed Nov. 24, 2010