One Drop
One Drop
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One Drop
( 2004)
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One Drop's first studio album. A wild ride through more musical styles than you ever thought could fit on one album. Each track flows into the next so it's definitley to be enjoyed as an album.

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1Rudy $0.75 listen
2Three Four Reggae $0.75 listen
3Big Bang $0.75 listen
4Hip Hop Tang $0.50 listen
5Look The Other Way $0.75 listen
6Never Rest $0.75 listen
7Someday $0.75 listen
8Never There $0.75 listen
9The Bloodshed $0.75 listen
10Gotta Relate $0.75 listen
11Rich Man Poor Man Free listen
12Rudy Dub $0.75 listen
13The Projects $0.75 listen