To Hell In A Band Casket
To Hell In A Band Casket
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To Hell In A Band Casket
( 2006)
Price: $5.00

The best of 2 years of recordings in our own studio. Chalked full of enough gems and flaws to keep anyone interested.
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1These Are The Days Free listen
2Kill For Your Flag $1.00 listen
3One in A Million $1.00 listen
4Pushin Uf Os The Bus $1.00 listen
5Bill Collector Free listen
6Rich Man Poor Man $1.00 listen
7Golden Porkchop $1.00 listen
8Tweaked Sax Dub (Live Jam) $1.00 listen
9Hello Carol $1.00 listen
10Concrete Jungle $1.00 listen
11Hands Behind Your Back $1.00 listen
12Skavantasia $1.00 listen
13Keep Your Distance $1.00 listen
14Both To Blame Free listen
15St. Johns Waltz Free listen
16Never Rest (Live on Lasqueti Isl.) $1.00 listen
17Bullet I can't Duck $1.00 listen