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Artist NameSong Name
Critical ConvictionsAbolish State Power
Jay SquireEasy Prey
MortyrFazer (cover/sampler) Recorded off the floor in June 2010
The Wanted - VictoriaLa Bamba Rehearsal 1965
Luther WrightThe Land of Milk & Honey
Lightning ExpressSlow Ride "Live" 1975
ColumbusFree Girl
Impromptu Fever
Aegis FangFoot Down
Wiser FoolI pledge Allegiance To This Cult
Pauline EdwardsJade
Lust Life Jazz BandSt Louis Woman
Easy MoneyLucky In Our Own Way "Live" @ Harpo's 1982
Yann TiersonAmy
Ten Tall TreesParis In Flowers
The Crooked JadesJennie On The Railroad
NevernearIt All Started The Way I Pictured It
Voodoo Glow SkullsDown for Life