Cattle Decapitation/Fetal Butchery/Sinned @ Metro Hall April 3rd

Though I missed opener Sinned, Fetal Butchery from Surrey, not to be confused with the U.S band of the same name, put on an energetic and honest show. They are a band just about ready to take the next step. Cattle Decapitation took the stage with an audience already conquered but their intense lyrical themes and images were matched by a set performed with the highest degree of ability and conviction. The addition of David McGraw on drums (ex- Sleep Terror) has brought a bit of a mathematical sound to the "harvest floor" which they displayed live admirably. Josh Elmore’s ripping guitar solos no doubt sent many a guitarist back to the woodshed. Travis Ryan’s insane screeches sounded like a cow going through the meat grinder. "Karma bloody karma " indeed. The cacophonous audio samples between the songs, reminiscent of Travis side project 5/5/2000, left the crowd gasping for air, a definite misanthropic sonic carnage. Cattle's captivating show is destined to win them legions of fans worldwide. Worship the “gau”. Special thanks to Michelle, one of the promoters, for letting me in (hehe) and making the night memorable for all of us. The concept of a metal show between friends is alive and well. Bravo. Lolo. Posted: May 4, 2009
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