In Neil Young's quirky music video for his award-winning song, Harvest Moon, the Canadian singer performs onstage while watching a younger version of himself dance with an old sweetheart inside a crowded tavern.

"I'm still in love with you, I want to see you dance again," he sings.

The words ring especially true for Victoria jazz singer Maureen Washington, who has now released her own version of the song in her new album, aptly titledHarvest Moon.

"The song means everything to me — every single word," she told host Margaret Gallagher on CBC's Hot Air.

"When I can't speak, the words speak for me."

Victoria jazz singer Maureen Washington releases her ninth album, titled Harvest Moon. (Dean Kalyan)
Washington lives out the very scene depicted in Young's classic video time and time again.

She performs the tune at nearly all of her shows, and each time it stirs strong memories of her husband, who passed away last September after a long battle with cancer.

"In the last year of his life, every time the band and I played Harvest Moon, I'd always have him come up and dance with me during the instrumental."

Washington's rendition of the song is powerful. Its progressive composition is anchored by piano, violin and flugelhorn, building up to a climactic finale where the singer unleashes her mellifluous interpretation of Young's blues. Posted: Nov 4, 2018 Originally Published: Nov 6, 2017
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