About livevictoria.com

LiveVictoria.com began as an idea in the summer of 1999. We wanted to build an online home for the music community of Victoria BC. Over the years we changed, molded, and expanded the site to the form that you see today. Our mission is to provide a free, open-access, up-to-date resource for musicians and music lovers who want to learn more about what our fair city has to offer.

We offer a myriad of useful services on the site. If you are a casual music lover, you can check out what shows are coming up in our listings and talk with like-minded people on our message boards, reviewing recent shows or even talking about world events. Musicians can use our resource listings to find everything from a rehearsal space to a promoter or band to help them get their first out-of-town show. Promoters and venues use the site to contact their customers and let them know about the newest act they have coming to town.

Why does Livevictoria.com work where other scene sites fail? For one thing, Livevictoria.com will always be free for everyone to use. While we do have some advertising options available for a small fee, the basic listing of your show, resource, or band is totally free. Also, we know that you, the user, know more about what’s going on out there than we do, so we set up Livevictoria.com in such a way that anyone can contribute or update site content. For example, if you know of a show that isn’t listed, just list it yourself: we put the power of being the site administrator in your hands.

What can you expect from us in the future? Our vision is a network of websites connecting music scenes all over, while still keeping the local feel and values of the “scene page.” For an example, look to LiveMusicVancouver.com, our sister site across the water.